All The Work They Do

Last week several of us walked the campus doing a rough count of the trees. We counted 353 individual trees representing 38 species. One member of our group researched the carbon dioxide capture (“sequester”) for many of the species we identified. The amount of carbon dioxide absorbed varies with the type of tree, but overall, the trees at Samarkand capture at least 8 tons of carbon dioxide each year while releasing over 6 tons of oxygen.

Through photosynthesis, leaves do some of the work by pulling in carbon dioxide and water, using the energy of the sun to produce the sugars that build trunks, branches and roots. Oxygen is released as a by-product. One large tree can provide a day’s supply of oxygen for three or four people.

The carbon dioxide that trees capture helps clean the air by removing this heat-building greenhouse gas with its negative effect on our environment. Some of the carbon dioxide is released over time when discarded leaves decompose or when a tree dies and decays.

At the risk of being called a “tree hugger,” hug your favorite tree anyway and thank it for all the work it does for you. And take a deep breath, pulling in some of that life-giving oxygen.

One thought on “All The Work They Do

  1. Dearest Phila Everybody knows Ronnie the Brain Reagan got it right: Trees emit dangerous carbon dioxide and are killing us, so just pull a Brazilian cleanup and improve the atmosphere! Which is evidently what Republicans think Tuesday’s election will do. We’ll be watching it all excitedly while we fill out our Australian Immigration papers. On the brighter side don’t forget at midnight tonight (12:02 to 12:15) there is a Full extra bright Lunar Eclipse (on the full moon). Last night the dense rain clouds parted to reveal an exquisite bright full luminescence that suddenly lit up the Bay over a totally smooth ice-skateable water surface. It was a magic you would deeply enjoy and remember. How are you dear, dear, totally missed soul? We continue as F.Scott Fitzgin (or was it vodka? ) said, “with our ores in the water rowing against an inexorable tide”. Problem these days is not being able to remember where I put the ores. You know Dorothy Parker once asked if Scott meant “whores” not ores. I am recovering from double pneumonia and cytopenic anemia. Other than that, Mrs Lincoln enjoyed the play, etc. It started 4 weeks ago – out of the blue. And so I can describe in exquisite detail every horizontal surface in our house. Judy says I have the energy of a placemat. On December 9 my hematologist will derive the magic formula and I will start 3 or 4 blood transfusions to up the irons, and other red blood cell associates. Then right before Christmas I emerge as Superman or Ubermensch ( although my German’s bad). It’s all been a lovely dose on top of things for poor Judy, who was just pulling out from grieving her poor sister. I think we told you she died of pancreatic cancer in September. She endured 8 rotten months from diagnosis through non-stop chemo. So between losing mom, her best friend and 14 of our other friends in 3 years it’s been quite a time. This aging thing is settling in early for us – but with great love we defer to your remarkable expertise. That’s the kind of note where I ask how your waterskiing and paragliding is going.😁 Well dearest Phila we send our overdue love and good wishes. Be in touch Tony and Judy 🌹🙏🏼🇬🇧😘

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